Life changed dramatically when I realized I would be an orphan at age 24. Losing both my parents to cancer gave me incredible perspective on dying, of course, but mostly on what it means to live.

My mom and dad were magnificently warm people. In their own ways they exuded light that reached countless souls. They were kind, gracious, creative, and loving. Together they had a dream of retiring to the country and starting a ranch. When I was a child we abandoned city life in pursuit of this dream.

My mom died ten years prior to my dad. He continued, with a broken heart, to pursue their dream and with gumption, grace, and utter devotion he raised two teenagers in the meantime.

Throughout my young life and into college, my own dream was to get back to the city to work as a writer. I moved far away and explored some exquisite corners of the world.

With the progression of my dad’s illness, I made the choice to leave graduate school and I moved back to the ranch to be with him. We spent the last six months of his life laughing, crying, dreaming and enjoying the finer things in the country paradise he created.

Join me on this journey from cosmopolitan girl to countrywoman. I hope you find some laughs, light, and maybe a little inspiration.


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