A Collection of Wildflowers

Most mornings, just as dawn breaks, my Aunt Marita and I take our dogs for a long walk. We start at my house, make our way through pastures, and eventually walk down a seldom-travelled dirt road. The dirt road is tree-lined and borders a creek. Sometimes we chat during our walks, but we’re often quiet, which provides a treasured time of peaceful contemplation. Our morning ritual has become a beneficial way of organizing my thoughts for the day.

This morning, though, I broke my token rule and brought my iPhone along so I could play “botanist”.

Late-summer rains plus a few weeks of extra-high temperatures have been the perfect combination for an incredible array of wildflowers. I wanted to capture every variety we came to on our walk. Once we started we were amazed to find that there were 23 different types. Enjoy! 🙂


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