Tuning in

I woke up this morning in a stream of sunlight so bright it felt like someone was shining a spotlight in my eyes. The curtains at the windows to my right framed a perfect orange sherbet sunrise. Grateful for a good night’s sleep, I let my thoughts wander awhile. Even though I’ve been sleeping in here for a little over a month, the unfamiliarity of this room is still disorienting in those waking moments. Where am I? Oh, here. Is this real? Yes. Shit.

A month after my dad died, it occurred to me that I couldn’t leave the master bedroom unoccupied forever. I’d been avoiding looking at it and thinking about it. It felt almost like a crypt. I could turn it into a guest bedroom, I had thought. But that would be weird and honestly stupid. The only option was to move in there myself.

I repainted it and replaced the furniture, but the first few weeks brought restless nights of troubled sleep. I’ve never been a hot sleeper, but in this place I frequently awake drenched in sweat. One night, when sleep wasn’t an option, I discovered that if I position my head just right and crane my neck to the east, there’s a spectacular view of Mars this time of year. I’ve had many conversations with this fiery planet. Turns out she’s a good listener, and these late night chats with her are comforting. Her warm red light in the black sky offers me a soothing presence. I like to think she’s an embodiment of love itself.

Today, I awoke for one of the first times since moving into this room with a genuine feeling of peace instead of discomfort. I put on my robe, grabbed a cup of coffee, and stepped outside to admire the sunrise. I was surprised to find the ground cold and wet on my bare feet. It must have just rained. My gaze wandered across the horizon and I was absolutely astonished to find a massive rainbow stretching across the westward sky. I was tear-filled and overcome with serenity. Like my perfect view of Mars, life has done it again, and given me the gift of an incredibly beautiful morning. Heaven is at hand.

It’s my belief that life is constantly giving us little gifts. Seriously, constantly. There is goodness and wonder to be found everywhere! We just have to be tuned in to receive these gifts.

So what frequency are you tuned into? Is it one of self pity? Shame? Guilt? Judgement? Discontent?  By adjusting your mindset, you’ll change your world. Once you adjust your frequency, you can open yourself to receive the many gifts that the universe is constantly bombarding you with. Give it a whirl! You just might be delighted.


7 thoughts on “Tuning in

  1. Rachel Clay

    By tuning into these constant gifts, you in turn become one. ❤️ I’m so glad you’re sharing your journey here! We love you and are excited to see you take life by the horns 😜👍💃🏻


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